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Tuesday 17th September 2019

Tumours Articles


'Grenades' developed to kill cancer

2nd November 2015

Scientists have designed microscopic 'grenades' to target tumours.

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Dog sniffs out cancer

9th March 2015

US researchers used dog to sniff out thyroid cancer.

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Targeted radiation could help fight breast cancer

26th March 2014

A new study suggests delivering radiation directly to tumours may slow progression of breast cancer.

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'Intelligent' knife developed to 'sniff' out cancer

18th July 2013

Scientists have developed an 'intelligent' knife that can sniff out tumours.

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Chemo can make tumours grow bigger

7th August 2012

Cancer tumours can become resistant to chemotherapy because it can cause a rogue response in healthy cells.

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Tumour op in womb a world first

22nd June 2012

Surgeons remove tumour from mouth of foetus.

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Anti-cancer virus 'hides' in blood

14th June 2012

Researchers show a tumour-killing virus can 'hitch' a ride on the back of blood cells and reach their target.

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C-section for pregnant woman after tumour found

25th May 2012

Woman had emergency c-section after doctors discovered a tumour in her kidney that was heavier than her baby.

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3kg tumour removed from 10-year-old girl

15th May 2012

Doctors perform nine hour operation on 10-year-old girl to remove a 3kg abdominal tumour.

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Can curry fight cancer?

8th May 2012

Trial to investigate curcumin in spice found in curry for its ability to fight bowel cancer tumours.

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