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Wednesday 21st February 2018

Swimming Articles


Nine million adults cannot swim

23rd March 2015

Survey finds one in five adults cannot swim.

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Britain raising 'couch potatoes'

4th May 2011

A survey has found 15% of 1,500 children between six and 15 revealed they couldn't swim.

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Swimming is best for exercise

24th February 2010

Swimming is the ultimate all over body workout.

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Health and safety gone mad

19th February 2010

Children now banned from wearing swimming goggles due to 'health and safety' fears.

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High chlorine levels risk

3rd July 2007

Health Protection Agency warns public are at risk from high levels of chlorine in swimming pools.

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Bacteria in swimming pools

20th June 2007

There is evidence that holiday swimming pools contain up to 30 different bugs.

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