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Sunday 27th May 2018

Tories Articles


Tories pledge better access to GPs

12th April 2010

Conservative manifesto promises access to GPs seven days a week.

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Tories' health plans could leave poorest worse off

8th January 2010

The Tories are 'the party of the NHS' says David Cameron but plans would leave poorest worst off.

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NHS targets revamp, promise Tories

24th June 2008

The Tories are to outline plans aimed at making the NHS more accountable to patients.

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Deep clean 'a gimmick'

26th October 2007

Tories attack government after it says 'deep clean' will not be centrally monitored.

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Tories plan new cancer strategy

3rd October 2007

Plans revealed by the Tories say UK will be among first to introduce new cancer treatments.

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Hospital apology retracted

23rd August 2007

Tories have withdrawn apology to hospital saying it was issued in error by a 'junior researcher'.

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Hospital campaign launch

20th August 2007

A campaign has been launched by David Cameron to fight plans to downgrade DGHs.

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'Independent NHS' pledge Tories

20th June 2007

Tories want to give the NHS more autonomy by handing day-to-day control to an independent board.

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