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Monday 21st May 2018

Rickets Articles


Food poverty warning

22nd August 2014

Experts warn of malnutrition.

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Action needed on rickets

6th September 2012

A Labour MP has said not enough is being done to tackle rise in people suffering from rickets.

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Vitamin D added to cereal

28th October 2011

Kellogg's is to add vitamin D to its children's cereals in a bid to fight rickets.

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Pregnant women should be screened for rickets

19th August 2011

An expert says the NHS should screen pregnant women's vitamin D levels.

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Rickets reported in Cardiff

25th July 2011

Health workers in Cardiff have reported the disease in the south of the city.

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Rickets on the return

4th February 2011

Whilst we are aware of the dangers of too much sun, vitamin D plays a key role in bone development.

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Rickets warning

15th November 2010

Warning issued as more than 20% of children in Southampton tested showed signs of rickets.

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Rickets return

22nd January 2010

Rickets on the rise because of lack of exercise and poor diet warn doctors.

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Lack of sun leading to resurgence of rickets

19th November 2008

Birmingham see's rise in cases of rickets caused by Vitamin D deficiency.

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Doctors warn of Rickets returning to Birmingham

19th November 2008

Figures show there were 65 cases of rickets in children under 5 in Birmingham between 2001 and 2003.

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