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Monday 21st May 2018

Cerebral Palsy Articles


Cerebral palsy families start campaign

20th June 2011

Cerebral palsy families campaigning for better support from the NHS.

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Surgery helps cerebral palsy boy

30th November 2010

A 10-year-old Hartlepool boy is learning to do some of the things he has never been able to do before.

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Child infused with stem cells from umbilical cord

8th November 2010

A 3-year-old girl is believed to be the first British child to receive pioneering stem cell treatment for cerebral palsy.

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High risk of cerebral palsy through IVF

3rd November 2010

Danish scientists have found babies born with the help of IVF are at a higher risk of cerebral palsy.

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Light pulses treat paralysis in mice

4th October 2010

Research suggests pulses of light may restore muscle movement in people with cerebral palsy or paralysed limbs.

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New health benefits of motion games

9th July 2010

Wii technology is being used to create games to help people with Parkinson's and Cerebral Palsy.

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Life-changing surgery for three-year-old

8th January 2010

Life-changing surgery in US for three-year-old with cerebral palsy.

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Children given a voice through software

5th June 2009

Scientists say they have developed technology to allow children with communication problems to converse better.

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Still no cure for cerebral palsy

25th February 2009

Cerebral palsy affects about one in every 500 babies in the UK.

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Cerebral palsy link to antibiotics

18th September 2008

A study has linked a small number of cases of cerebral palsy to antibiotics.

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