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Sunday 15th September 2019

Blood Clot Articles


Too long in front of TV could cause blood clots

13th November 2017

Scientists warn, sitting in front of the TV for too long increases risk of potentially fatal blood clots by 70%.

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HRT linked to clots

10th March 2015

Study finds women on HRT pills should be aware of link to increased risk of blood clots and possibly stroke.

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FDA approve Eliquis

22nd August 2014

Eliquis has been approved by the FDA To treat blood clots in the legs and lungs.

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Irregular heartbeat and lung clotting linked with air pollution

5th June 2014

The risk of developing an irregular heartbeat and blood clots in the lung is increased with greater air pollution.

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Stroke patients can be helped with leg wraps

31st May 2013

Fatal blood clots can be prevented by wraps squeezing the legs regularly.

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Clot prevention device for 80-year-old woman

5th March 2013

New device could prevent thousands dying from blood clots after surgery.

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Blood clot risk from IVF

16th January 2013

Study finds women pregnant through IVF are at increased risk of blood clots.

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Blood clots on wards 'kill hundreds'

10th October 2012

A report claims people are dying unnecessarily in Welsh hospitals due to blood clots.

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Small nets used to extract blood clots

28th August 2012

According to two studies 'clot nets' could be the future of stroke care.

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Blood clot care 'patchy'

27th June 2012

NICE says lives could be saved if blood clots were diagnosed within 24 hour time limit.

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