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Saturday 26th May 2018

Superfood Articles


Superfood diet could help stave off arthritis

9th November 2017

Research finds switching to a superfood diet can help fight against rheumatoid arthritis.

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Broccoli adds to its superfood credentials

9th March 2016

New research shows broccoli can protect against liver cancer.

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Breast cancer sufferer uses superfoods to combat disease

25th June 2012

Breast cancer sufferer refused Tamoxifen and used superfoods during remission.

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Scientists serve up a superdish

18th June 2012

After editing thousands of claims used by manufacturers and supermarkets, scientists concoct a menu that is being hailed as the healthiest ever.

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Potatoes better for body than other superfoods

11th May 2012

Researchers say potatoes are full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and shouldn't be ignored by dieters.

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Dark chocolate good for you

7th February 2011

Chocolate has been classed as a superfood.

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Nitrates in spinach make it a superfood

2nd February 2011

A single helping of spinach is enough to fuel cell activity.

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Black rice new cancer-fighting superfood

27th August 2010

Scientists say black rice could be the new superfood.

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The 20 foods you should eat for a long and active life

20th October 2008

The 20 types of food and drink have been identified by Gary Williamson.

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Common fibre may ward off cancer

13th October 2008

Experts believe a fibre found in most fruit and veg may help ward off cancer.

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