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Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Sport Articles


Sport to improve lives of people with mental health problems

20th October 2014

Sport scheme to help people with mental health problems launched.

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Parents injuring themselves at school sports days

8th July 2013

Sales of pain relief products increase dramatically as competitive parents try to win at school sports events.

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Brain damage linked to contact sports

4th December 2012

A study finds evidence of degenerative brain disease in samples from deceased US sporting heroes.

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Over-70s encouraged to do competitive sport

13th August 2012

Many of those over 70 are more frail as they don't take enough exercise.

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Ministers want sport in schools boosted

6th August 2012

After Team GB's success at the Olympics, Ministers want better sport provision in schools.

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No evidence that sports products work

19th July 2012

A joint investigation suggests consumers could be wasting their money buying sports drinks and high-end trainers.

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Health risk of sports drinks

5th April 2012

A study claims millions are putting their health at risk by drinking sports drinks in the office.

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Sports help lower aggression in boys

8th July 2011

Research says sports help lower lower agression and enhance self control.

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Sports training for babies and toddlers

1st December 2010

Training for babies as young as six months.

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Arthritis Research UK warns of hidden hazards of sports injury

25th October 2010

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