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Friday 25th May 2018

Dna Sequencing Articles


How to eliminate bed bugs

4th February 2016

Scientists to scan DNA of bed bugs to try and eliminate the pest.

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Double Nobel Prize winning biochemist dies

25th November 2013

Double Nobel Prize winning Biochemist, Frederick Sanger, dies at the age of 95.

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DNA sequence of woman who died at 115

17th October 2011

Scientists piece together the DNA of a woman who lived to 115 and had no signs of dementia.

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Some people don't have fingerprints

5th August 2011

Scientists believe they have found genetic flaw which means some people are born without fingerprints.

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Technique developed for tracking MRSA

22nd January 2010

A team from Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute develop a technique that can precisely track the spread of MRSA.

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UK news 22/1/10

21st January 2010

A round up of UK health news over past week.

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Are we winning the cancer war?

18th December 2009

Scientific advances mean we can look forward to an era when cancer is no longer a condition to be feared, says Karol Sikora.

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