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Sunday 27th May 2018

Genome Articles


Volunteer DNA hunt begins

7th November 2013

Scientists looking for 100,000 volunteers to have their DNA sequenced and published online.

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Cancer hotspots pinpointed

3rd April 2013

Research pinpoints more than 80 regions of the genome that can increase risk of breast, prostate and ovarian cancers.

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Body microbes' genes decoded

25th May 2010

A US consortium has decoded the DNA sequences of 178 microbes that live in or on the human body.

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Many people possess some Neanderthal ancestry

7th May 2010

A landmark scientific study says many people alive today possess Neanderthal ancestry.

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USA focus October 2009

6th November 2009

A round of of news in the USA over the month of October.

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HIV gene structure decoded

7th August 2009

Scientists in the US have decoded the entire genetic content of the HIV virus.

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Cure for common cold possible

13th February 2009

Curing the common cold may now be in the realm of the possible.

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Genetic discrimination US ban

28th April 2008

The US Senate has voted for a bill which would ban discrimination on the basis of genetic details.

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S Africa cracks XDR-TB genome

20th November 2007

New technology enabled researchers to sequence the entire bacterium's code in a week.

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Cat genes give disease clues

6th November 2007

Scientists have completed the genetic mapping of a cat, with implications for humans.

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