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Thursday 24th May 2018

Menopause Articles


Employers need to normalise menopause in the workplace

16th January 2018

Experts say employers need to 'normalise conversations' about the menopause in the workplace.

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Top tips on menopause

22nd February 2016

Eating and avoiding certain foods can make the menopause a lot bearable.

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Early menopause linked to smoking

17th December 2015

New research shows active and passive smoking is linked to an earlier menopause.

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Guidelines published on menopause

13th November 2015

NICE have published first guidelines on menopause stating that GPs should provide both benefits and risks of treatment.

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HRT safe for women's hearts?

29th July 2014

A new study suggests HRT soon after menopause for a short time is safe for women's hearts.

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Could neck injection ease hot flashes?

15th October 2013

A new study suggests a neck injection could ease hot flashes associated with the menopause.

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FDA approves drug to treat hot flashes

8th October 2013

Pfizer has gained US approval for drug to treat hot flashes in menopausal women.

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Mum's menopause could predict fertility

7th November 2012

Researchers say mum's early menopause can effect your fertility.

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Exercise and attitude for menopausal women

16th April 2012

Attitude may play an important role in how exercise affects menopausal women.

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Menopausal women want more support

16th February 2012

New research suggests menopausal women want more support from their GP and non-medical treatment.

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