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Saturday 26th May 2018

Asian Articles


Dating app increases HIV risk says UN

30th November 2015

New research by the United Nations shows dating apps are increasing cases of HIV amongst Asian teenagers.

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Donor campaign leads to record numbers joining register

13th April 2012

A record number of Asian people have joined a blood stem cell register after campaign to save policeman diagnosed with leukaemia.

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Asian donors needed

29th July 2010

70% of Asian people have the rare blood type B or AB so there are fewer suitable donor organs.

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Growing number of Asian teens using steroids

20th July 2009

Drugs workers say more and more Asian teens are injecting steroids to build their muscles.

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Rickets rise in Asians

30th October 2007

Children and mothers from Asian population of Blackburn will get vitamin supplements.

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Diet cancer risk to Asian women

10th July 2007

A study suggests Asian women who eat a western-style diet may be at higher risk of breast cancer.

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Heart attack risk in Asian Scots

4th July 2007

New research shows Scots of South Asian descent are more likely to suffer a heart attack.

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Cambodia best at breastfeeding

25th June 2007

A decline in breastfeeding in the Asia Pacific region affects survival rates.

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AIDS on the rise in Asia

22nd November 2006

Not enough people are getting treatment, a new UN report says.

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