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Wednesday 20th June 2018

Diabetes Uk Articles


Diabetes cases soar

17th August 2015

Diabetes UK warn diabetes cases has soared by nearly 60% in past decade.

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Diabetes a fast growing health threat

14th January 2015

Diabetes UK says poor diabetes care in England is costing lives and is a huge cost to the NHS.

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NHS diabetes spend 'wasted'

8th May 2014

Diabetes UK warns much of the NHS £10bn diabetes spend is wasted on treating complications that could have been avoided.

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Diabetes patients not getting kidney check

16th July 2013

An analysis by Diabetes UK suggests a quarter of people with diabetes are missing out on key kidney check.

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Improved diabetes checks urged

2nd April 2013

Only a fifth of people with diabetes keep their condition under control.

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Diabetes diagnosis reaches three million

5th March 2013

Analysis shows 850,000 people have undiagnosed type 2 diabetes, while 4.6% of the UK population have the condition.

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Diabetes cases to soar

3rd October 2012

Charity warns of rise in diabetes as obesity epidemic takes its toll.

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White rice could raise risk of type 2 Diabetes

16th March 2012

Possbible problems for diabetics if blood glucose levels spike.

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Diabetes rate soars to nearly 3m in the UK

28th October 2011

The number of people diagnosed with diabetes in the UK has increased by nearly 130,000 warns charity.

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Register for free diabetes content

27th May 2011

Nursing Times is celebrating Diabetes Week by making their clinical diabetes homepage content free.

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