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Monday 25th June 2018

Health Secretary Articles


Jeremey Hunt keeps his post

15th July 2016

Jeremy Hunt remains as health secretary after reshuffle by new prime minister, Theresa May.

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Brexit could be a threat to the NHS

30th March 2016

Jeremy Hunt says Brexit would be bad for the NHS.

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Hunt says no junior doctors will lose money

29th October 2015

Under a new contract no junior doctors working up to the legal limit on working hours will lose money.

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Boost to midwives needed

14th October 2015

Jeremy Hunt confirms the need to boost the midwife headcount.

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Jeremy Hunt to meet junior doctors' leaders

29th September 2015

Health secretary to meet junior doctors' leaders over new contract.

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Cost of missed appointments to be revealed

3rd July 2015

Jeremy Hunt has revealed patients are to be told how much it costs if they miss their appointment.

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Jeremy Hunt remains as health secretary

12th May 2015

Cameron confirms Hunt's reappointment as health secretary following victory.

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NHS to get whatever it needs

7th April 2015

Tories say they will give the NHS in England anything it needs.

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Annual review of 'avoidable deaths' ordered

10th February 2015

Hospitals are to be ranked according to their avoidable death rates in annual review ordered by Jeremy Hunt.

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GP to challenge health secretary in next election

9th September 2014

GP to challenge Jeremy Hunt for his south west Surrey seat in next year's general election.

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