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Saturday 20th July 2019

Antioxidants Articles


Antioxidants in green tea improve memory

16th September 2013

Green tea provides antioxidants that help improve memory, cognition and spatial awareness.

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Antioxidants linked to cancer risk

11th October 2011

Antioxidants can increase the risk of recurrent breast cancer and early death if taken in high doses.

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Kiwis pack a healthy punch

17th May 2011

New research says kiwis are one of the best fruits to help you fight disease.

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Maple syrup has health benefits

5th April 2011

The syrup contains a number of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds, US research shows.

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UK news 21/1/11

21st January 2011

A round up of UK health news over past week.

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Fertility helped by antioxidants

19th January 2011

Early research suggests antioxidants may help improve male fertility.

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Zero-calorie wafers patented

14th January 2011

Polish researcher patents zero-calorie buckwheat hull wafers which are also gluten-free.

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An orange is better than vitamin pill

22nd December 2010

Scientists say eating an orange is much better than taking vitamin C and other pills.

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Purple potato launched

6th October 2010

New 'healthy' purple potato is to go on sale in UK supermarkets.

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Egg is the new superfood

9th March 2010

Study review by nutrition scientists finds eggs have high levels of vitamins and antioxidants.

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