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Wednesday 21st August 2019

Cereal Articles


Kellogg's to cut sugar in cereals

30th November 2017

Kellogg's to cut amount of sugar by between 20% and 40% by the middle of next year.

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Top tips for choosing best breakfast cereal

18th July 2014

Some guidelines on choosing the right breakfast.

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Cereal bars found to be high in sugar

20th August 2012

According to study by Which? cereal bars are not a healthy alternative.

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Delay hunger by having eggs for breakfast

14th May 2012

New research suggests having eggs for breakfast may help curb your hunger better than cereal.

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Children's cereals full of sugar

16th February 2012

It is claimed children's cereals are so sugary they should be in the biscuit aisle.

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Vitamin D added to cereal

28th October 2011

Kellogg's is to add vitamin D to its children's cereals in a bid to fight rickets.

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Kellogg's reduce amount of sugar in cereals

4th August 2010

The sugar in Coco Pops is to be reduced by 15%.

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Kellogg's recall cereals

28th June 2010

Kellogg's have issued a voluntary recall of 28 million boxes of popular cereals due to an 'odd smell'.

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Cereal sugar content warning

20th April 2010

Research reveals some breakfast cereals contain more sugar than desserts.

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Wholegrain cereals reduce heart risk

23rd October 2007

Scientists say men who eat wholegrain cereals could benefit from lower risk of heart failure.

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