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Friday 25th May 2018

Donation Articles


Blood stocks could run out over Christmas

19th December 2017

NHS calling on more people to donate blood over fears blood stocks could rung dangerously low.

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The brain donors

11th October 2011

Twelve elderly people have chosen to donate their brains to neuroscience in a bid to increase understanding about dementia.

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HIV charities welcome the lifting of lifetime ban on gay men donating blood

12th September 2011

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Debate on organ donation

28th June 2011

Some doctors are to argue presumed consent of organs in the UK.

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Tissue authority to set EU transplant standards

10th March 2011

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Blood stocks run low

20th December 2010

Blood donations are needed to cover Christmas as stocks run low because of bad weather.

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Blood donations halted due to weather

9th December 2010

Heavy snow and freezing weather has put a stop to blood donations across the UK.

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NHS news 05/11/10

4th November 2010

A round up of NHS news over past week.

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Kidney donor sues NHS

2nd November 2010

Son who donated kidney to his father is suing the NHS after being left needing a transplant himself.

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ME patients face blood donation ban

8th October 2010

Under new safety guidelines ME patients will not be able to donate blood.

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