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Tuesday 17th September 2019

Dr Foster Articles


NHS special measures have saved hundreds

9th February 2015

Experts say decision to put 11 trusts into special measures is likely to have saved hundreds of lives.

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Dr Foster co-founder appointed by CQC

17th January 2014

Roger Taylor, co-founder of Dr Foster, has been appointed by the CQC to help roll-out intelligent monitoring model across care sectors.

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Trusts with high mortality rates identified

9th December 2013

Dr Foster identifies 13 trusts which have higher than expected mortality indicator scores.

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'Dr Foster rival' created

8th October 2013

Surgeon has created the Stethoscope tool which allows people to view performance of hospitals.

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Hospitals should move to seven day working

17th October 2012

Dr Foster Intelligence's director calls for hospitals to move to seven day working after figures show increase in mortality at the weekend.

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Medway trialling Dr Foster tool

18th January 2012

Medway are trialling a new online 'quick-look' performance management tool.

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Worst performing trusts defend care

30th November 2011

The worst performing trusts identified in the Dr Foster Hospital Guide 2011 have defended their hospitals.

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Inside your hospital

29th November 2011

Dr Foster Hospital Guide 2001-2011.

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The NHS should stop taking weekends off

29th November 2011

According to Dr Foster the death rate in hospitals at the weekends rose by a fifth or more.

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Dr Foster names two trusts with high mortality rates

29th November 2011

The Dr Foster Hospital Guide 2011 has named two trusts with high mortality rates across a range of indicators.

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