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Thursday 19th September 2019

Organ Donor Articles


Organ donor episode of Holby City criticised

5th August 2013

NHS Blood and Transplant have accused BBC drama, Holby City, of scaring off organ donors.

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Organ donation soars

11th April 2013

Organ donors have risen 50% since 2008.

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Germany in organ donor scandal

8th January 2013

Investigation in east Germany over allegations that doctors manipulated an organ waiting list.

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83-year-old man is oldest living kidney donor

17th May 2012

The NHS Blood and Transplant Service has said an 83-year-old man has become the oldest in the UK to donate a kidney.

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Transplant surgeons' breakthrough

4th April 2012

Machine that keeps blood pumping around stomach of dead donors has saved organs which would normally be discarded.

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Call for organ donors to be offered funeral expenses

11th October 2011

A leading ethics body says organ donors should have funeral expenses paid for the NHS.

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Leading surgeon calls for more donors

6th July 2011

Retiring surgeon says people should 'think positively' about organ donation.

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A record 18m register as organ donors

23rd June 2011

NHS Blood and Transplant say 18m have registered, but even more need to sign up.

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Body can be reprogrammed to accept donor organ

19th May 2011

Scientists say the body's natural defences can be 're-educated' to stop them attacking organ transplants.

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Call to legalise sale of human organs

5th January 2011

Leading surgeons want the sale of human organs to be legalised.

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