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Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Benefits Articles


Disabled people could lose out

14th March 2016

Changes to welfare payments could mean more than half a million disabled people are affected.

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Sheltered housing hit by benefit cuts

16th February 2016

New sheltered accommodation units have been delayed or scrapped due to housing benefit cuts.

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Obese could lose benefits

16th February 2015

David Cameron says people who are obese or have alcohol and drug problems will have benefits cuts if they refuse treatment.

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Benefit assessments 'unfair'

17th May 2013

Disability benefit assessments are 'unfair' says doctor.

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People 'fit-to-work' living on benefits

25th April 2013

Are a million people who are 'fit-to-work' living on benefits?

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Obese face cuts to benefits

4th January 2013

Obese face seeing their benefits slashed if they refuse to exercise.

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Disabled to lose benefits

22nd October 2012

Eight-in-10 claim losing their DLA could drive them into isolation.

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Cancer benefit rules changed

19th December 2011

The government has rewritten plans to change benefits for cancer patients.

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Disabled people could lose benefits

21st October 2011

Charity warns disabled people risk losing benefits under planned changes.

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Terminally ill receive letter about benefits

22nd September 2011

Terminally ill face having their benefits cut in April.

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