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Sunday 20th May 2018

Amputation Articles


Smokers could be living with silent disease

24th February 2016

Experts warn more than a million people could be living with a potentially life-threatening disease.

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Amputations related to diabetes hits 135 a week

16th July 2015

According to Public Health England amputations that take place each week in England has reached 135.

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Doctors devise new way to treat amputees

26th February 2014

Doctors devise virtual arm to ease phantom limb pain.

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Patients can feel wth bionic hand

6th February 2014

Bionic hand created by scientists which allows amputees to feel.

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Diabetes-related foot amputations could be avoided

25th February 2013

A new report claims 80% of diabetes-related foot amputations could be prevented if treatment received quickly enough.

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Military amputees to get 'bionic legs'

19th February 2013

£6.5m has been set aside by the government for military personnel who have legs amputated.

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Night-time raid at a Belfast hospital

31st January 2013

Double-amputee was among patients targeted by Belfast hospital thieves.

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Huge variation in diabetes amputation

7th March 2012

A study shows diabetes amputations are 10 times higher in some parts of England than others.

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Eye test could predict amputation risk

28th March 2011

Amputation risk for people who suffer with diabetes could soon be predicted.

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Prosthetic foot short-listed for engineering prize

11th May 2010

Four projects are in the running for the Royal Academy of Engineering MacRobert Award.

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