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Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Vitamin C Articles


Daily dose of vitamin C can reduce heart risk

8th September 2015

Scientists find taking a daily dose of vitamin C can help ward off vascular disease in people who are overweight.

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Coffee antioxidants more effective than vitamin C

15th May 2015

Research suggests components of coffee beans that are typically discarded are higher in antioxidant activity than vitamin C.

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Vitamin C may ward of stroke

18th February 2014

A small study finds people deficient in vitamin C may be at greater risk of stroke.

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Vitamin C boosts effects of chemotherapy

11th February 2014

Injections of high doses of vitamin C alongside chemotherapy can reduce the side-effects.

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An orange is better than vitamin pill

22nd December 2010

Scientists say eating an orange is much better than taking vitamin C and other pills.

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New gum contains nutrients

10th December 2010

Kraft have announced they are going to release a new line of gum called Vitality which is infused with vitamin C.

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Vitamins do not protect against asthma

8th October 2010

Research shows taking vitamins C and E while pregnant does not protect children from asthma.

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Vitamin C for A&E patients

24th September 2010

Research suggests giving A&E patients a dose of vitamin C could improve their emotional state.

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Vitamin C may reduce gout in men

15th February 2010

New research suggests high vitamin C intake may reduce the risk of men developing gout.

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Vitamin may reduce cancer drug benefits

1st October 2008

Research suggests vitamin C may reduce benefit of anti-cancer drugs.

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