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Saturday 26th May 2018

Business Articles


Employers should prevent staff working on lunch breaks

6th June 2014

A study revealed that 20% of employees worked through their lunch.

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Business Plan 2011 - 2015

9th November 2010

This business plan sets out the vision and priorities for the Department, and in the Structural Reform section the key commitments involved in delivering our reform programme.

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UK sick days fall

8th June 2010

A survey has suggested that the average employee was unwell for 6.4 days in 2009.

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NHS trusts asked to disclose payment times

1st September 2009

The Forum of Private Business has asked trusts to find out how long it takes to pay their suppliers.

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Mental health costs UK

13th December 2007

Researchers say mental health problems cost businesses an average of £1,000 a year per employee.

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Businesses obey smoke ban

3rd August 2007

Officials say the majority of businesses in England are 'obeying' the smoking ban.

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Six Sigma

1st March 2006

Applications in healthcare

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