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Sunday 26th May 2019

Behaviour Articles


Children's behavioural issues may be linked to common painkiller

16th August 2016

Research find paracetamol taken during pregnancy can lead to heightened risk or behavioural problems.

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Mode Deactivation Therapy for Aggression and Oppositional Behaviour in Adolescents: An Integrative Methodology Using ACT, DBT, and CBT

20th July 2012

This book is a treatment manual for therapists working with adolescents who have oppositional defiant disorder, hostile behaviors, anger issues, and aggression.

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Fewer behavioural problems for breastfed babies

10th May 2011

Researchers say babies who are breastfed for four months develop less behavioural problems.

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Cry-baby link to ADHD

21st April 2011

Scientists say there is a link between babies who cry excessively and ADHD later in life.

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Therapy helps troubled teens

2nd August 2010

Family-based therapy called Multisystemic Therapy (MST), shows a reduction in reoffending.

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Birth to five

7th July 2010

Information on becoming a parent, taking care of yourself and your child and finding practical help and support.

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Anti-social behaviour linked to brain defects

6th July 2010

Research suggests teenagers who show aggressive behaviour have changes in brain that could account for problems.

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Some drink in pregnancy helpful?

15th June 2010

An Australian study finds that women who drank small amounts during pregnancy had better-behaved kids.

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Tourette's treated with behavioural therapy

20th May 2010

Study has found that behavioural therapy can help lessen tics in children.

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UK news 12/3/10

12th March 2010

A round up of UK health news over past week.

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