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Saturday 26th May 2018

Joints Articles


Looking after your joints

9th May 2013

Tips on how to slow damage caused by osteoarthritis.

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Bursitis linked to painful joints

9th June 2011

Experts say painful hips, knees, heels or elbows could be due to bursitis.

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Running backwards is the way forward

24th May 2011

Running backwards burns more calories and improves coordination.

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'Super-obese' at high risk of surgery complications

15th February 2011

New studies show that severely obese patients face a high risk of complications when undergoing joint replacement surgery.

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UK news 10/12/10

10th December 2010

A round up of UK health news over the past week.

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Arthritis ad 'misleading'

9th December 2010

The ASA has ruled an advert for Revitalise joint pain tablets in a magazine was misleading.

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What do those clicking joints mean?

28th September 2010

Painless noise is nothing to worry about, but if pain accompanies the noise, it could become significant.

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Joint supplements don't work

17th September 2010

A review finds supplements taken to combat joint pain did not have a beneficial effect on osteoarthritis.

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High heels may cause osteoarthritis

4th August 2010

Scientists have found that prolonged wearing of high-heeled shoes contributes to joint degeneration.

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Stem cell technique regrows joints

29th July 2010

US researchers develop a technique that might enable doctors to regrow broken or diseased joints in patients.

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