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Thursday 27th July 2017

Caffeine Articles


Caffeine disrupts internal clock

17th September 2015

A small study suggests caffeine does more than keep you awake.

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Thousands overdosing on caffeine

9th September 2015

The FDA is warning consumers about the risks of caffeine products.

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Caffeine health warning

28th May 2015

The European Food Safety Authority warn that more than five espressos worth of caffeine a day could be damaging to health.

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Coffee may be good for your ears

11th August 2014

A new study suggests caffeine may reduce risk of developing tinnitus.

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Memory boost from caffeine pill

13th January 2014

Research suggests we may rely on caffeine to boost memory as well as to wake up.

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Energy drinks change heart beat

2nd December 2013

Researchers warn energy drinks can change the way the heart beats.

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High-caffeine drink restrictions for children

17th May 2013

Sale of high-caffeine drinks in Wales could be restricted by new health guidelines.

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Young people shouldn't overdo caffeine

9th April 2013

Nemours Foundation warns young people about caffeine.

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Energy drinks probed after deaths

23rd October 2012

The FDA is analysing reports of five deaths and a non-fatal heart attack linked to energy drinks since 2009.

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Caffeine affects women's oestrogen levels

31st January 2012

Fluctuations in oestrogen levels are linked to health problems, but not all caffeinated drinks are the same.

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