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Thursday 18th July 2019

Poisoning Articles


e-Cigarettes refill warning issued

9th September 2014

Doctors in Birmingham say electronic cigarette refills should be kept away from children due to risk of poisoning.

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Storms could cause carbon monoxide poisonings to rise

9th April 2014

A new study finds carbon monoxide poisonings may rise during weather-related power outages.

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Gel liquitab poisoning on the rise

12th September 2013

Glasgow has seen a rise in children being harmed after biting gel laundry capsules.

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Reduce risk of carbon monoxide poisoning

19th November 2012

The HPA are advising people on reducing risk of carbon monoxide poisoning over the winter.

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Male nurse arrested in saline enquiry

6th January 2012

A male nurse has been arrested in the Stepping Hill Hospital saline poisoning.

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Blood poisoning from tampon

19th September 2011

A teenage girl almost died from Toxic Shock Syndrome after using a tampon for just four hours.

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People poisoned by wild mushrooms

16th September 2011

The HPA has warned 129 people have been poisoned by eating wild mushrooms this autumn.

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Carbon monoxide poisoning figures higher than reported

18th April 2011

Research suggests many cases of carbon monoxide poisoning are missed as medical staff do not routinely test for it.

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CO Awareness plea to health professionals:

11th March 2011

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the week: issue 171, 5 - 11 Nov

18th November 2010

The week provides need-to-know news, consultations and events for chief executives and their teams.

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