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Wednesday 17th July 2019

Obesity Articles


Meat as bad as sugar at contributing to obesity

2nd August 2016

Research suggests consumption of meat contributes just as much as sugar to global obesity.

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Cuts to public health could fuel obesity rise in children

15th July 2016

Cuts to children's health services could cause a rise in childhood obesity according to senior health advocates.

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Pasta does not make you gain weight

5th July 2016

Studies found pasta consumption does not cause weight gain.

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High sport drink use a risk to teenage health

27th June 2016

Dental experts warn high numbers of teenagers are risking tooth decay and obesity.

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Office cake a danger to health

24th June 2016

A senior dentist argues having office cake is a danger to health and fuelling obesity and dental problems.

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Urgent action needed on obesity

21st June 2016

Experts warn more than seven million new cases of diabetes, cancer, stroke and heart disease will occur in next 20 years.

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Rise in malnutrition linked to obesity

14th June 2016

New research suggests malnutrition is being fuelled by obesity as well as starvation.

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Obesity rising in women

8th June 2016

Research finds more women than ever in America are obese.

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Obesity continues to rise

3rd May 2016

According to new figures obesity in England has increased from 15% in 1993 to 26% in 2014.

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Obesity may be fuelling womb cancer rise

13th April 2016

Cancer Research UK warns rising obesity could be behind the rise in womb cancer.

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