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Sunday 20th May 2018

Mri Articles


Leap in diagnosing prostate cancer

20th January 2017

Advanced MRI scanning nearly doubles number of aggressive tumours caught.

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MRI scanning times could be cut by 50%

18th January 2016

Researchers say use of metamaterials could speed up MRI scanning times by more than 50% meaning hospitals can increase number of scans.

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Cancer therapy from MRI scans

18th August 2015

Scientists say MRI scans could be used to treat hard to reach cancers.

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Brain has a weak spot for Alzheimer's

25th November 2014

UK scientists have identified a weak spot in for brain for Alzheimer's and schizophrenia.

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MRI could spot early signs of dementia

8th October 2014

Study suggests MRI scan could help predict which older adults are at risk of memory loss.

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Ultrasound waits in Wales treble

10th January 2014

New figures show patients in Wales are waiting longer than they should for MRI scans and ultrasounds.

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MRI scanner that won't cause claustrophobia

27th November 2012

New MRI scanner developed where patient sits or stands with the scanning equipment either side of them.

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More should be done in diagnosis of MS

10th October 2012

Doctors say more MRI scanners could help speed up the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

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Wheelchair wrecks MRI scanner

28th February 2012

Magnetic force from MRI scanner sends wheelchair crashing into it causing £20,000 worth of damage.

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MRI scan not beneficial for back pain

14th December 2011

A study has shown back pain patients are unlikely to benefit from MRI scans.

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