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Wednesday 21st August 2019

South Americas Articles


Clean water key to global health

7th July 2008

Poor water quality and sanitation cause an estimated 10% of global disease.

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Chagas drug works

12th May 2008

A recent study has shown one drug can wipe out chronic Chagas disease parasites in mice.

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Grief is sudden death risk factor

1st April 2008

The anniversary of the death of a loved one heightens risk of dying, study shows.

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Call for indigenous health rights

26th November 2007

Indigenous health experts call for an end to marginalisation worldwide.

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Peru blood bank crisis

14th September 2007

National emergency in Peru after at least four people contract HIV after blood transfusions.

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Cut-price AIDS drug for Brazil

6th July 2007

Brazil cuts a further AIDS drug discount deal with Abbott Laboratories.

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WHO plans to eliminate parasite

13th April 2007

Plans announced by the WHO to step up efforts to eliminate Chagas disease.

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India's dipstick test for dengue

8th February 2007

Simple test aids early detection, no medical expertise needed.

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South American dengue alert

6th February 2007

Health warnings issued in Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia.

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Healthcare for all in Mexico

22nd January 2007

Access to care is part of new social contract, says Julio Frenk.

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