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Saturday 21st September 2019

Childhood Obesity Articles


Childhood obesity plan meets criticism

19th August 2016

Health experts and campaigners have heavily criticised the long-awaited government's childhood obesity plan.

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Junk food ad ban unlikely

17th August 2016

The BBC understands a TV advert ban to try and curb obesity in children will not form part of the government's plan.

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Cuts to public health could fuel obesity rise in children

15th July 2016

Cuts to children's health services could cause a rise in childhood obesity according to senior health advocates.

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Children should be encouraged to drink water

11th April 2016

The Local Government Association says children should be encouraged to ditch the fizzy pop and drink more water.

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Survey finds parents rarely spot obesity

30th March 2015

Doctors warn parents rarely spot obesity in their children.

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Childhood obesity my be levelling off

30th January 2015

A study suggests child obesity rates among children under 10 may be beginning to level off.

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Antibiotics raise risk of childhood obesity

30th September 2014

US researchers say repeated courses of antibiotics for young children increases the risk of them becoming obese.

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Fight obesity by limiting TV

23rd September 2014

In a bid to tackle obesity NICE say adults and children should consider TV-free days.

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Action needed on obesity

2nd September 2014

Call to tackle the rise of childhood obesity as figures show 14% of children aged two to 15 were obese.

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Emergency task force needed to fight obesity

1st September 2014

Health leaders call for a task force to be set up to tackle childhood obesity.

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