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Friday 25th May 2018

Nerve Articles


Migraine relief from nerve stimulation

7th February 2013

Migraine sufferers may benefit from nerve stimulation say Belgian researchers.

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Channel responsible for pain identified

21st December 2010

Drugs could be developed that target ion channels on the surface of pain-responsive nerve cells.

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New pain relief for hand and arm operations

9th August 2010

Doctors in Swansea are using a nerve block instead of general anaesthetic for some operations.

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Prions play vital role in nerve health

26th January 2010

Swiss researchers say they have found evidence that prions may keep nerves healthy.

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New treatments for MS?

10th October 2007

Nerve damage caused by MS has been repaired by US scientists in lab experiments on mice.

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Nerve cell stretchiness discovery

20th August 2007

Scientists in the US have found why long nerve cells do not break when you stretch or move limbs.

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