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Wednesday 22nd November 2017

Loneliness Articles


Loneliness can trigger strokes

20th April 2016

Research suggests being lonely can increase risk of heart disease or stroke.

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NICE says join a choir to stave off dementia

17th December 2015

NICE suggests pensioners should join a choir and read to children to help stave off loneliness and dementia.

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Lonely elderly flood helpline with calls

25th November 2014

Silver Line helpline has been flooded with calls about loneliness in its first year.

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British adults feel they have no-one to turn to

20th January 2014

A survey has suggested as many as a third of British adults have no-one to turn to in a crisis.

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Plight of lonely highlighted

18th October 2013

800,000 people in England are lonely according to Jeremy Hunt.

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Loneliness of people with dementia revealed

3rd September 2013

A charity says people with dementia feel trapped and cut off from everyday life.

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Stop loneliness by retiring later

13th February 2012

A No.10 adviser suggests people who carry on working beyond retirement could live longer.

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Link between loneliness and poor health

1st February 2011

Campaigners want to raise the awareness of link between isolation and ill-health.

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