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Thursday 19th April 2018

Hospital Deaths Articles


Maidstone identify 'dysfunctional' working relationship

19th May 2014

Probe into five deaths identify 'dysfunctional' relationship in a surgical team at a hospital in Kent.

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20,000 hospital deaths could have been prevented

18th March 2013

A government adviser has said hospital death warnings were ignored.

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More risk from hospitals than flying

25th July 2011

WHO says going into hospital is far riskier than flying.

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Blood clots kill more people than superbugs

29th November 2010

Report suggests blood clots kill more people in hospitals than any HAI.

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'Inhumane' treatment at the hands of the NHS

28th April 2010

Former Land Girl died following 'disgraceful treatment' on an NHS ward.

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Checklists cut hospital deaths

6th April 2010

Checklists detailing how to care for patients with common conditions have cut hospital deaths.

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