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Wednesday 13th December 2017

Chronic Articles


Chronic illness linked to suicide

24th August 2011

New research indicates at least one person a day with chronic illness decides to commit suicide.

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Chronic pain linked to road accidents

22nd March 2011

Researchers find people who have accidents are 84% more likely to develop chronic pain.

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The huge impact of chronic conditions

16th March 2011

McKinsey research points to the huge impact of chronic conditions.

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Chronic cough linked to sleep apnoea

29th January 2010

Reports shows chronic cough is widespread among sufferers of sleep apnoea.

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Can stomach virus trigger ME?

13th September 2007

Evidence to link chronic fatigue syndrome to a stomach virus has been found by researchers.

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ME treatment plans

23rd August 2007

NICE recommends patients with mild to moderate chronic fatigue should be offered tailored treatment.

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