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Monday 21st May 2018

Pilot Articles


Mental health pilot scheme

24th May 2016

Four mental health trusts almost doubled the number of people getting five key physical health checks during a pilot scheme.

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Pharmacists in A&E to be trialled

18th December 2014

NHS England to pilot employing pharmacists in an emergency department.

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Code4Health pilot needs volunteers

4th December 2014

NHS England is looking for volunteers to act as pilot sites for Code4Health.

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Mental health pilot launched

3rd October 2014

Four pilot schemes have been launched by the government to help people with mental health problems get back to work.

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Trial of care.data at 500 GP practices

23rd April 2014

NHS England have announced up to 500 GP practices will pilot care.data beginning this autumn.

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Police mental health pilot launched

8th April 2014

NHS England launches £25m pilot scheme to improve treatment of people with mental health conditions.

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eRedbook piloted in Liverpool

24th June 2013

Liverpool parents pilot a digital version of Redbook which is a record of child's health and development.

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Pilot to test rural healthcare delivery in Scotland

29th January 2013

Health secretary launches scheme to deliver healthcare to remote areas of Scotland.

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Air Products pilot in Solihull

17th April 2012

Air Products is a telehealth service being piloted in Solihull.

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Kidney alerts pilot begins

16th January 2012

Royal Liverpool pilots system that may improve the detection and prevention of acute kidney injury.

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