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Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Bureaucracy Articles


Doctors plan to leave NHS to work abroad

29th July 2014

Figures show thousands of doctors fleeing bureaucracy and long hours in the NHS to work abroad.

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Has the NHS lost its way?

10th June 2010

Top priority for the health service should not be bureaucracy but preserving life.

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£1.5bn must be cut from NHS admin

8th October 2009

Within four years the Tories vow to cut £1.5bn from the annual cost of NHS admin if they take power.

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Bureaucracy puts off many dentists

20th March 2008

Writing in The Guardian, dentist Ogoamaka Eze says she's not surprised her colleagues are leaving the NHS.

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NHS bureaucracy hitting cancer care

28th August 2007

Karol Sikora discusses the challenges the NHS faces in delivering better cancer care.

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