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Monday 21st May 2018

Dog Articles


Research suggests owning a dog is good for your health

5th December 2017

A Swedish study suggests owning a dog can reduce risk of heart disease.

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Dogs could help children avoid asthma

3rd November 2015

Study finds young children who have a pet dog are less likely to develop asthma.

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Dog sniffs out cancer

9th March 2015

US researchers used dog to sniff out thyroid cancer.

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Cancer dates back 11,000 years say scientists

24th January 2014

UK scientists say the world's oldest cancer dates back 11,000 years and arose in a single dog.

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Dog sniffs out C diff

14th December 2012

Researchers taught a beagle to sniff out C diff in stool samples and in infected patients.

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Meet the canine helpers

3rd May 2012

They can call lifts and comfort a child with autism.

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Could Bakewell tart help dementia patients?

27th April 2012

A competition to help develop new ideas in dementia care has seen suggestions range from the aroma of Bakewell tart, guide dogs for the mind, hi-tech wrist bands and internet solutions

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Taking pets to work can reduce stress

3rd April 2012

A study suggests taking a pet to work can reduce stress and make a job more satisfying for other employees too.

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Lyme disease risk from dogs high

25th January 2012

Lyme disease may be more prevalent in the UK than realised.

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Diabetic dog finds new home with diabetic girls

21st September 2011

The Scottish SPCA struggled to find owners for the diabetic Staffordshire bull terrier, but Roxy now has a new home.

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