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Saturday 26th May 2018

Dental Health Articles


Tooth decay more likely in deprived areas

2nd November 2017

New report shows a regional divide in dental health of the rich and poor in England.

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High sport drink use a risk to teenage health

27th June 2016

Dental experts warn high numbers of teenagers are risking tooth decay and obesity.

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Office cake a danger to health

24th June 2016

A senior dentist argues having office cake is a danger to health and fuelling obesity and dental problems.

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Dental care likened to a Third World in England

5th January 2016

Dentists say standards of NHS dental care in England like a Third World service.

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Children's teeth not being looked after

14th July 2014

A dental health charity has said some parents were not paying enough attention to their child's teeth.

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£6m saved in child dental costs

11th November 2013

Scheme to encourage nursery children to brush their teeth has saved more than £6m in dental costs.

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Tooth decay in children is too high

19th March 2013

Despite latest figures showing a decline dental health experts say tooth decay in children is still too high.

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Guide to flossing teeth

7th November 2012

Dentists say flossing is even more important than brushing your teeth when it come to preventing gum disease.

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Brain tumours linked to dental x-rays

10th April 2012

Patients with a common form of brain tumour are twice as likely to have received dental x-rays, a study finds.

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NI teen teeth amongst worst in Europe

5th December 2011

A study has found Northern Ireland teenagers have some of the highest levels of tooth decay in Europe.

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