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Friday 23rd August 2019

Stomach Articles


Number of people with stomach problems rising

19th December 2012

Study reveals the number of people suffering from stomach problems is on the rise.

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Diabetes could be caused by bugs in stomach

27th September 2012

A study suggests harmful bugs in the gut could be the cause of diabetes.

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End your battle with bloating

7th September 2012

Tips on how to tackle bloating.

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Stomach fat used to repair man's skull

1st March 2012

Man's head has been repaired using stomach fat injections.

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Aspirin 'not to blame' for stomach bleeding

7th February 2012

Scientists have identified a common stomach bug causes stomach bleeding, not aspirin.

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Family trying to raise money for 'bionic stomach'

12th January 2012

Farnham teenager awaits surgery to fit a gastric pacemaker.

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Parkinson's bacteria link

23rd May 2011

Researchers in the US say the bacteria responsible for stomach ulcers is linked to Parkinson's disease.

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Bugs cause IBS

17th May 2011

Researchers believe IBS is caused by bacteria and may be the result of food poisoning.

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Broccoli helps with gut problems

26th August 2010

Research suggests fibres found in broccoli and bananas may boost body's defences against stomach problems.

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Caution for older patients on antacids

12th August 2010

Some antacids can have significant side effects and many people take them for longer than they should.

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