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Wednesday 21st August 2019

Waiting Lists Articles


Cancer errors down to incompetence

18th December 2014

Investigators have found inaccuracies in cancer waiting time errors were down to managerial incompetence and not bullying.

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RTT data reports suspended at Barts

11th December 2014

'Significant' IT problems means Barts suspends reporting of its referral to treatment waiting time data.

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Some waiting lists up a third

22nd October 2014

Some NHS specialty waiting lists are up by almost a third due to workforce shortages.

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Mental health waiting times revealed

8th October 2014

Nick Clegg has announced waiting times for people with mental health problems are to be introduced in England.

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Mental health patients commit suicide while on waiting list

16th September 2014

According to a new study of mental health services in England thousands commit suicide while on an NHS waiting list.

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Huge waiting list revealed by trust

11th September 2014

One of England's most troubled trusts has revealed a huge waiting list of more than 90,000 patients.

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Doctors to be paid to work weekends

5th August 2014

In a bid to clear backlog of operations doctors will be paid to work evenings and weekends.

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Waiting times to be reviewed

10th July 2014

Call to review waiting target for routine operations in England.

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A fifth of practices have patients waiting 2 weeks

21st May 2014

Survey finds patients are waiting two weeks to see a GP in a fifth of practices.

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A&E satisfaction at lowest level for six years

7th May 2014

Dissatisfaction with A&E departments increases.

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