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Thursday 24th May 2018

Heart Failure Articles


Safety net introduced following pregnant patient's death

21st December 2017

A new cardiology clinic to be introduced in a London hospital's maternity unit following death of mother and baby.

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What causes heart failure?

29th September 2017

Research suggests heart failure could be triggered by cold weather.

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Heavy drinking puts a strain on the heart

11th November 2015

New study suggests heavy drinking increases risk of heart failure.

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Heart failure pill approved by FDA

8th July 2015

FDA approves new heart failure pill from Novartis.

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A brisk walk can help prevent heart failure

8th July 2015

Health experts say a brisk walk and cutting down on smoking and drinking can help prevent heart failure.

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Heart failure patients need counselling for depression

26th May 2015

Scientists say heart failure victims should be screened for depression and offered counselling.

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Heart failure op first in UK

21st October 2013

Operation to improve failing hearts takes place in the UK.

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Specialist telehealth project a success

16th July 2013

Specialist telehealth service at Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust has been a success.

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Heart risk link to male baldness

4th April 2013

Researchers say male baldness can indicate risk of heart problems.

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Japan sees spike in heart failures

2nd October 2012

Heart failures spike after a massive earthquake and tsunami devastated parts of eastern Japan in 2011.

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