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Sunday 26th May 2019

Aggression Articles


Violent video games encourage aggressive behaviour

12th December 2012

A new study suggests playing a violent video game for just 20 minutes a day is enough to increase aggressive behaviour.

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Risk of stroke linked to stress

31st August 2012

New research shows quick-tempered or aggressive people are more likely to have a stroke.

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Mode Deactivation Therapy for Aggression and Oppositional Behaviour in Adolescents: An Integrative Methodology Using ACT, DBT, and CBT

20th July 2012

This book is a treatment manual for therapists working with adolescents who have oppositional defiant disorder, hostile behaviors, anger issues, and aggression.

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A spoonful of sugar could lighten your mood

2nd December 2010

Researchers have found high sugar levels can control aggression.

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Stress reduced by sweet drinks

8th July 2010

Psychologists claim sweet drinks help to reduce stress, and make people less aggressive or argumentative.

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Anti-social behaviour linked to brain defects

6th July 2010

Research suggests teenagers who show aggressive behaviour have changes in brain that could account for problems.

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Violence linked to daily sweets

1st October 2009

UK researchers say children who eat daily sweets and chocolate are more likely to be violent adults.

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NHS violence not being tackled with urgency

2nd July 2009

According to a cross-party group of AMs there is a 'lack of urgency' on tackling NHS violence in Wales.

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GPs beware alligators

11th April 2006

GPs should be aware of aggressive advertising from private sector.

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