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Saturday 26th May 2018

Food Articles


Hospital to give free food to starving patients

29th October 2015

Hospital in Greater Manchester to discreetly offer food to patients who appear to need them.

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Is breakfast important?

4th June 2014

US scientists find little link between breakfast and weight gain.

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Food should be regulated

19th May 2014

Campaigners call for food to be regulated like tobacco.

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Vow to cut sugar in food

9th January 2014

Acting on Sugar group set up to tackle added sugar in food and soft drinks in effort to tackle obesity in the UK.

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US take steps to ban trans fats

8th November 2013

US food safety officials take steps to ban trans fats in food.

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Do we really waste half our food?

11th January 2013

Some news outlets have reported that between a third and half of the world's food production ends up as waste, but where do these figures come from?

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Salty food that may surprise you

7th November 2012

A new report warns of high sodium levels in common foods, including bread, pizza and chicken.

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NHS hospitals spending more on patient food

18th October 2012

Official figures show the NHS is spending more than ever on food.

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Whole milk is healthier than skimmed

13th March 2012

What you thought you knew about healthy food might actually be wrong.

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Top food choices for a healthy heart

14th February 2012

Choosing foods for heart health should be at the top of the list.

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