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Monday 21st May 2018

Ear Articles


Young boy has ears created from ribs

12th August 2014

A nine-year-old boy has had ears created from his ribs.

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Human-like ear grown from animal tissue in lab

31st July 2013

US scientists have grown a human-like ear from animal tissue and say they are a step closer to growing a complete human ear from a patient's cells.

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New guidelines for ear infection treatment

26th February 2013

New guidelines have been published in the US for identifying and treating an ear infection.

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Man cured of hearing eyeballs move

28th July 2011

An Oxfordshire man with a medical condition which meant he could hear his heart beat and his eyes move has been cured.

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Ear infection linked to memory loss

8th June 2011

Labyrinthitis could explain forgetfulness and dizzy spells.

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UK news 1/10/10

2nd October 2010

A round up of UK health news over past week.

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Military bands should wear earplugs

29th September 2010

Bands ordered to wear earplugs by Britain's MoD.

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Can probiotic yoghurts help protect children?

20th May 2010

It is claimed children who start the day with a probiotic drink are 20% less likely to suffer from ear and sinus infections.

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Scientific breakthrough in cure for deafness

14th May 2010

Scientists create tiny ear hairs from stem cells paving way for deafness cure.

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Bat study could lead to better hearing loss treatment

12th May 2010

Research into bats and dolphins could improve treatment for people with cochlear implants.

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