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Saturday 21st April 2018

Inequality Articles


Trans inequalities need to be tackled in NHS

29th June 2015

NHS England spearheading drive to tackle trans inequalities.

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Society failing children in early years

23rd September 2014

Leading health expert says society is failing children in the early years which hampers their future prospects.

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Lottery for health causes launched

27th September 2011

Richard Desmond to launch lottery intended to raise £50m a year to tackle health inequalities.

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Transforming Community Services: Ambition, Action, Achievement - Transforming Services for Health, Wellbeing and Reducing Inequalities

10th February 2011

These guides are for use by frontline clinicians, commissioners and providers and are based around a framework of ambition, action and achievement.

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Unequal access to hip and knee replacements

13th August 2010

Age, sex, level of deprivation, location and ethnicity can influence people's access to joint replacements.

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Tuberculosis to increase during Olympics

5th July 2010

Cases in UK to increase, unless London mayor supports a campaign against the disease.

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NHS must spend more

11th February 2010

A report says the NHS must spend more on preventing illness and increase minimum wage.

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NHS news 12/2/10

11th February 2010

A round up of NHS news over the past week.

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World focus November 2009

30th November 2009

A look at World health news over the month of November.

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Women 'deprived of healthcare'

10th November 2009

Global healthcare systems are letting women down at key points in their lives, the WHO says.

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