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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Muscular Dystrophy Articles


Viagra could treat muscle disease

8th May 2014

Scientists say Viagra could be used to treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy in boys.

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NHS waste £31m a year

5th December 2011

Campaigners say patients are missing out on treatments and their safety is being put in danger.

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Hope for Duchenne muscular dystrophy

25th July 2011

Researchers say a 'molecular scalpel' shows promise.

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Drug hope for muscular dystrophy

5th May 2011

Research suggests a drug shows promise as possible treatment for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

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NHS muscle disease care is lacking

24th August 2009

A new report claims inadequate services for muscular dystrophy sufferers is causing early deaths.

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Muscular dystrophy aided by Viagra?

13th May 2008

Research suggests Viagra may potentially aid muscular dystrophy patients.

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Muscular dystrophy drug promise

3rd January 2008

Dutch researchers develop muscular dystrophy drug which shows promise in early testing.

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Muscular dystrophy campaign

4th December 2007

Report says some neuromuscular disease patients in England may die too soon because of lack of care.

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Gene trial for muscular dystrophy

22nd October 2007

Scientists in London begin gene therapy trial which they hope will extend lives of patients.

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