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Monday 28th May 2018

Seizure Articles


Epilepsy drug shows promise

15th April 2016

Researchers say a once-daily epilepsy drug may control seizures.

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Brain implant could 'predict' seizures

2nd May 2013

A small study suggests a brain implant could predict epilepsy seizures.

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Northern Uganda devastated by mystery disease

7th March 2012

Nodding syndrome is an unknown disease which causes seizures.

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Epilepsy surgery improves seizure control

8th February 2012

Long term study finds almost half of patients were seizure free 26 years after epilepsy surgery.

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Citroen ad banned after triggering epilepsy

18th January 2012

A TV ad for Citroen has been banned after it triggered a seizure.

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New drug for epilepsy

17th June 2011

A recently licensed drug helps control seizures in adults who have epilepsy.

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Children with epilepsy don't always take medicine

27th April 2011

A study suggests some parents forget to give their children the antiseizure drugs.

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Cancer drug trial stopped

3rd September 2010

Clinical trial of anti-cancer drug has been halted after three volunteers fall ill and are taken to hospital.

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Dogs predict seizures

21st July 2010

Sheffield Support Dogs train seizure alert dogs and each one costs £10,000.

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Whooping cough jab not associated with seizures

19th July 2010

Researchers say there is no link between the whooping cough vaccine and acute seizures.

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