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Saturday 26th May 2018

Brain Tumour Articles


Jab provides protection against brain tumours in mice

26th June 2014

Scientists develop a jab they say 'protects mice against brain tumours'.

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Young boy with brain tumour must have surgery

19th December 2012

A court has ruled seven-year-old boy with brain tumour must have surgery against his mother's wishes.

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More brain tumour funding needed

29th March 2012

Expert calls for more brain tumour funding.

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New eye device launched that spots brain tumours

20th March 2012

Researchers in Edinburgh have launched a new device that can detect brain tumours in vulnerable people.

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Pioneering cancer treatment

12th December 2011

Radiotherapy treatment that can target and destroy brain tumours.

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Trials begin on making brain cancers glow

1st November 2011

Patients will be given a drug which causes a build-up of fluorescent chemicals in the tumour.

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Drug shrinks brain tumour by 50%

27th September 2011

NHS doctors will be able to apply for funding from health trusts for Votubia to treat children with brain tumours.

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Brain tumour tissue bank launched in Glasgow

20th September 2011

The UK's first tissue bank will provide access to samples of brain tumours.

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Ear infection linked to memory loss

8th June 2011

Labyrinthitis could explain forgetfulness and dizzy spells.

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Campaign launched for brain tumour awareness

8th June 2011

A campaign is launched to help parents recognise the warning signs for brain tumours.

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