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Tuesday 16th July 2019

Inflammation Articles


Schizophrenia and inflammation link

16th October 2015

Link found between brain inflammation and schizophrenia which could lead to new treatments.

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Foods that fight inflammation

1st July 2015

Some natural ways to help reduce chronic inflammation.

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Cholesterol drugs could help gums

4th October 2013

New research suggests cholesterol drugs could help reduce inflammation of the gums.

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Eat grapes to reduce organ damage

25th April 2013

Research reveals grapes contain powerful health promoting properties.

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Psoriasis drug may slow dementia

26th November 2012

An existing psoriasis drug could also help combat the effects of Alzheimer's disease, a study shows.

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Rise in Scots children bowel diseases

13th June 2012

A new study shows a rapid increase in the number of children in Scotland diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease.

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Psoriasis linked to heart risk

22nd November 2011

People with the skin condition derive 25% less benefit from "good" cholesterol.

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Curry could cure tennis elbow

10th August 2011

New research suggests eating curry could reduce inflammation.

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The starfish could be key to new medical treatments

9th December 2010

Scientists say starfish slime could be used for treatment of inflammatory conditions.

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Can aspirin really lower risk of cancer?

8th December 2010

The role of aspirin as a cancer preventive raises many issues.

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